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ABI Research's Video & Cloud Services research provides insight into the rapid transition of video consumption devices, services, business models, and technologies in the end-to-end video ecosystem. It focuses on the movement towards multiscreen, IP, on-demand, and unmanaged content delivery in an increasingly modular, cloud-based marketplace.

Our analysts examine the impact of transformative technologies like AI, computer vision, edge compute, and 5G on the video ecosystem and resulting opportunities and considerations.

Our Video & Cloud Research Services coverage areas include:

  • Quantitative database of video and broadband services and devices, video infrastructure hardware and services
  • Pay-TV and broadband subscribers
  • Machine vision (capture and processing)
  • Over-the-top (OTT) and multiscreen video and digital content
  • Fixed-wireless convergence trends
  • Analytics opportunities in video services
  • Encoding/transcoding
  • Content protection: CAS/DRM
  • Middleware
  • CDN delivery and balancing


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