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As enthusiasm for automation grows across multiple industries, can automation providers implement effective service and support to cope with demand? Challenges abound throughout the lifecycle of automation solutions, such as design and evaluation, installation, ongoing maintenance, training, and customer service. Automation vendors may find it difficult to conduct a full SLM plan on their own, so there is a growing demand for third-party service providers that can assist in scaling. Only via this collaboration can automation vendors meet their potential.

To summarize, an increase in demand for automation presents a capacity challenge for automation vendors, which struggle to scale effectively on their own and execute effective SLM programs. To cope with these demands, collaboration with a growing market of third-party service providers is key for automation vendors. These third parties, often system integrators that have taken on new responsibilities, are becoming a more important part to the automation value chain and its entire ecosystem.

This report bases its analysis on interviews conducted with business leaders providing modern automation, robotics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions.

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