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Although the logistics industry has seen widespread growth over the last several years, primarily in correlation with the rising popularity of e-commerce, the COVID-19 pandemic triggered an unforeseen surge in demand for orders. Supply chains have taken a large hit as a result. 

Suppliers are having difficulty keeping up with demands from both consumers and businesses. Larger suppliers, looking to remain competitive, are implementing unmatched delivery commitments. As expectations for faster delivery in the market increase, so does the pressure on logistics managers to process enlarged volumes of goods passing through their facilities in time. 

Although human decision making will be imperative for fulfillment operations well into the future, technologies that focus on cost savings, end-to-end visibility, and efficiency are becoming increasingly popular. Companies that combine various individual technology solutions effectively will be the ones to drive human productivity the most. Technological solutions are now seen as imperative, especially the ones that connect to other technologies and platforms, enhancing the productivity and application horizon of each connected solution.

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