With homes increasingly becoming urban microcosms, many of the technology-enabled trends and paradigms are converging across homes and cities.

This webinar addresses 7 transformative trends and their application in both urban and residential contexts.

  • Ubiquitous Connected Sensors: Active urban infrastructure and the sentient home
  • Sustainability and Decarbonization: The circular city and the low impact Home
  • Safety, Security and Resilience: From AI-based surveillance to automated response management
  • Sensor Data Monetization: Cities and Homes as revenue generators and businesses
  • Digital Lifestyles: New roles for cities and homes
  • The Cooperative Paradigm: Collaboration within and between cities and homes
  • Robotics and Automation: From home cleaning robots to driverless urban maintenance vehicles


Dominique Bonte
Vice President, Verticals and End Markets


Jonathan Collins
Research Director