Cellular network infrastructure has traditionally been the exclusive domain of a few large vendors. However, open networks, Open RAN, and network virtualization are now exposing the value chain to a variety of new entrants. Network virtualization disaggregates software from hardware and standardizes open interfaces and reference designs. As a result, MNOs can work with different stakeholders, such as Radio vendors, chipset suppliers, system integrators, and application developers, to build a multi-vendor interoperable and modular-based system and reduce time to the market.

This webinar will share ABI Research’s view of these value propositions and business strategies in building the modular-based system to foster a healthy and sustainable telco ecosystem. This webinar will also discuss the ability of open cellular networks to bring new opportunities to various industrial verticals and drive innovation, therefore improving their network security and performance and operation efficiency.



Jiancao Hou
Senior Analyst