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Cutting across a multitude of different device types, covering both consumer and M2M/IoT end markets, the eSIM is a technology that is extremely transformative in nature. The eSIM will change the shape, dynamics, and the entire SIM and cellular connectivity value chain as we know it today, impacting the business models, sales channels, and processes across secure IC, smart card, MNO, MVNO, and OEM ecosystems

It is also a market that is quickly evolving, not just in terms of creating ecosystem change, but also in terms of form factor. The true value of the eSIM resides in its Remote Provisioning (RP) capabilities, which in turn is providing a digitized platform from which Mobile Network Operators (MNO) can offer new levels of flexibility, simplicity, and convenience. This, paired with simple and singular price points for data consumption and anywhere, anytime connectivity via guaranteed and reliable connectivity, is creating a powerful connectivity tool, in turn shifting power into the hands of the end user.

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