Yards are a cornerstone of logistics operations, serving as the bridge between facilities and distribution. If there are any bottlenecks in yard operations, such as long dwell times or lack of asset visibility, the trickle-down effects on the supply chain can be significant. Time is money, and this notion is especially evident in logistics. Not only will delivery delays upset end customers and accumulate overtime labor costs, but supply chain partners could hesitate during the next contract negotiation if issues persist. To prevent bottlenecks, yard operators are increasingly investing in various technologies that provide operational visibility that was previously impossible.

A Yard Management System (YMS) is a software solution that digitalizes and automates daily yard operations, including truck visibility, asset tracking, and real-time management. While very few enterprises have deployed a YMS, increasingly complex yard operations are bringing this technology to the forefront among logistics operators.

As is articulated in this whitepaper, these hardware and software investments give yard managers a real-time snapshot of their operations so that assets can be allocated properly, accelerating the time it takes for a load to be processed and exit the facility. Even further, some solutions ensure highly accurate product tracking, optimized trucking routes, and automation of strenuous tasks. These business outcomes take yard managers one step closer to their main goal of maximizing profits.

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