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To obtain a better picture of the dangers and the risks to OT environments today, Palo Alto Networks commissioned ABI Research to conduct a global survey of 1,979 respondents across 16 different end markets. The survey investigates the state of OT security and takes the pulse of C-suite management and practitioners in large industrial organizations.

The survey questions addressed major topics, including risks to industrial operations and organizational approaches to protection and incidence response, as well as trends, preferences, and demands in terms of applicable solutions.

This whitepaper highlights key findings from the survey and explores critical topics, including:

  • A changing era for industrial operators
  • How OT and IT are siloed but moving toward convergence 
  • Regulation as a driving security force
  • Why AI is a double-edged sword for OT
  • How emerging technologies can amplify OT security—and the challenges that still must be overcome
  • Top five lessons learned by industrial operators


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