Security is a complex, multi-layered discipline that touches upon many notions: from protection and trust to resilience and offense. In today’s connected societies, security needs to permeate all aspects of modern technologies to support successful digital and cyber ecosystems. A weak link in a chain can present an open door to a threat or be at risk from misconfiguration.

ABI Research understands that security, both digital and cyber, must remain relevant and adaptable to a challenging and complex reality. Especially one that is constantly being shaped by the rapid pace of technology evolution and digital transformation through cloud migration, IoT expansion, 5G rollout, AI advances, improved edge compute, and increasing automation.

To help you better understand the state of cyber and digital security in 2022, we have highlighted key trends and forecasts throughout our seven related research services:

  • Citizen Digital Identity
  • Cybersecurity Applications
  • Digital Payment Technologies
  • Industrial Cybersecurity
  • IoT Cybersecurity
  • Telco Cybersecurity
  • Trusted Device Solutions                                  

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