Traditionally, Mobile World Congress events have generated a lot of noise, but hardly any revolutionary announcements or momentum. Therefore, while the cancellation of this year's event was unavoidable, it does come with a silver lining, as this pause in the global grind of the telcos marketing juggernaut will allow for some contemplation, consideration, and more profound thought about the state of the industry and what really needs to be done in order to move markets, solutions, and, ultimately, outcomes forward.

With the show no longer on the calendar, ABI Research analysts took the time to reflect upon:

  • What would attendees have seen at MWC 2020?
  • What should attendees expect from a perfect MWC?
  • What key topics should be discussed?
  • What outcomes would be coming from the industry?

The cancellation of MWC 2020 might seem a disaster to some, but the future is bleaker if the industry does not pause, take some time to reflect, and radically retool its approach to being a fit-for-purpose entity.

MWC-13 Visions 3D Cover