COVID-19 blew in like a singular storm, quickly upending industries, markets, and businesses, while causing unprecedented uncertainty around the world.

More than two years later, that air of uncertainty persists. However, today, it is the result of a confluence of several massively disruptive political, economic, and social headwinds—soaring interest rates, looming food and energy shortages, a devastating and needless war, and the changing nature of work, just to name a few. Underpinning it all is a supply chain still reeling and realigning from the depths of the pandemic. Taken together, business leaders today face an even more confounding climate than they did back in 2020—and the fallout from these disparate headwinds will likely last for years to come.

To help you find your footing and devise a successful path forward, ABI Research analysts have compiled their observations, analyses, and recommendations for critical technologies and end markets.

These findings include:

  • A growing reliance on 5G and cellular in enterprise environments, driven by rising energy costs.
  • A flattening of the automotive market with a consolidated supply chain and a reduced number of vehicle options.
  • The persistence of the global chip shortage and its ongoing impact on digital security, payment technologies, semiconductors, and other hardware.
  • How manufacturing shutdowns in China are curbing innovation in smart home devices, and how smart home players must adjust.

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