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The RTLS landscape remains fragmented, with hundreds of start-ups and small players developing various location software algorithms and hardware technologies. These range from Bluetooth, UWB, Wi-Fi, and visual light communication within indoor environments, to high-precision GNSS and cellular positioning in outdoor environments. As a result, the RTLS landscape lacks an established and mature ecosystem, has relied heavily on verticalized proprietary solutions, and has been difficult to scale effectively. This panel aims to understand what challenges are facing the RTLS market today and how key industry players can help create a more scalable, open, secure, RTLS ecosystem that will stimulate growth in 2021 and beyond. The panel will also investigate opportunities and challenges of 5G positioning as a challenger to existing RTLS technologies, discuss when the technology will mature, and what markets it will initially address.

... Andrew Zignani
Research Director
... Fabio Belloni
Chief Customer Officer
... Jon Heathcote
Global Head of Pre-Sales

... Sylvia Lu
Head of Technology Strategy
... Mickael Viot
Director of Business Development