ABI Research’s recent analyses of telco operators and network equipment suppliers’ sustainability activities indicate that the choices made by telco vendors and their partners are complex. Global pressure is increasing for telcos to
reduce energy and achieve climate-related targets, yet massive investments have been made in 5G spectrum, infrastructure, and supporting technologies. Trying to live up to the hype of both 5G performance standards (super-fast speeds, higher
throughput, lower latency, enhanced security) and sustainability standards (running a green network, while optimizing energy efficiency) can sometimes be at odds.

Circular economy efforts, such as mobile device longevity, repair, and reuse, can
also seem to conflict with consumers wanting the latest generation, most advanced mobile technologies. However, sustainability initiatives in the telecoms industry do not have to be an either/or proposition. Sustainability and
profitability are not mutually exclusive, and efforts can be made to emphatically drive mobile industry innovation and conserve resources at the same time.

Although, there are a few reality checks to note. In this report, ABI Research seeks
to highlight an optimistic approach for sustainable telcos of the future, while also addressing the tensions, challenges, and issues that confront the industry’s net-zero ambitions.

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