ABI Research's 5G coverage provides a 360-degree view on 5G technologies and markets, with end-to-end, in-depth technology, business, and opportunity analysis for 5G implementations across various verticals.

We help enterprise verticals identify the optimal 5G implementation that can help them automate, mobilize, and digitize their operations cost effectively while enabling them to enhance their efficiency and productivity, resulting in better competitive positioning.

We also provide the technology supply chain with unbiased analysis of the end-markets requirements to help them identify and grasp the real opportunities across various industries. Whatever industry you are in, we provide both quantitative and qualitative insight and advice related to:

  • How will the 5G value proposition align with the technology lifecycle associated with various industry verticals?
  • How is connectivity perceived and how will 5G integrate and harmonize with the technology supply chain of that industry?
  • What role will key players and forces play in influencing the 5G standards roadmap and implementations?
  • How will the telecom supply chain transform to accommodate the needs of the enterprise verticals?
  • What key pain points 5G will address and what impact this will have on the overall productivity of that industry and on the global GDP overall?