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ABI Research’s smart cities coverage examines the applications, services, and opportunities in the smart city arena including street lighting, trash collection, utilities, cooperative mobility, and intelligent transportation. We delve into key technologies and paradigms, such as big data and analytics, open platforms, citizen participation, and community crowdsourcing.

Our Smart Cities & Smart Spaces Research coverage areas include: 

  • Smart home device shipments and forecasts
  • Market segmentation and system shipments by installer, managed, and DIY smart home market
  • Smart home and mobile integration
  • Smart home and the smart car
  • Integrating smart home and entertainment services
  • Smart home healthcare integration
  • Smart home connectivity and management
  • Smart homes and the sharing economy
  • Smart homes and smart cities
  • Smart homes and zero emission housing
  • Retailer strategies for smart homes and services
  • Big data and analytics in the smart home
  • Installer strategies for smart homes and services
  • Next-generation services, including energy management
  • Smart home network security


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