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In the past, location technology powered standalone hardware solutions such as satnavs and people trackers. Today, however, it is a universal horizontal capability embedded in almost every single device and digital solution.

Mobility and supply chain have been some of the most important segments to adopt location tracking. COVID-19 further accelerated critical solutions related to last-mile delivery and people density  tracking, which are heavily reliant on advanced location capabilities.

Join this webinar to find out how a location platform can drive innovative, location-centric solutions and enhance the value of existing location intelligence in your business. 

Topics for discussion will include:

  • Market trends and the location landscape

  • How location platforms differ from other technology platforms

  • A deep dive into horizontal location platform capabilities, including centralized maps, Open APIs, visualization, data hosting and processing, Location as a Service (LaaS), location standards, and professional services

  • How location platforms allow enterprises to address various business and technical challenges in designing and commercializing their location products and services

  • Key use cases and case studies

  • And more!


Bonte_2017 Dominique Bonte
Vice President, Verticals & End Markets
Jonathan Abon (1)

Jonathan Abon
Vice President, Product Management, Platform Organization