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The trend toward digitizing production assets and workflows (often referred to as Industry 4.0) promises great opportunities for enterprises across the board, as it lessens the reliance on manual labor, increases efficiency and quality of enterprise operations, and decreases their carbon footprint. The latter becomes particularly important, as increasing energy prices—in response to several geopolitical crises—are continuing to put enterprises under immense pressure to remain profitable. 

As warehouses are characterized by a multitude of concurrently running operations and processes, automating these workflows will greatly increase efficiency and enhance productivity per warehouse. 

Connectivity will be a main driver behind Industry 4.0, as machines and production assets will need to be connected to transmit data. Connectivity will also be one of the keys for warehouse operators to unlock the benefits and efficiency enhancements promised by automating and digitizing workflows and processes.

Private 5G will be an important building block for these enhancements, as it provides important features that will address warehouse managers' key pain points.

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