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5G is opening up a whole new set of opportunities for connectivity. However, privacy and data security concerns are set to play a key role as new vendors and new technologies emerge to capitalize on 5G capabilities. This expansion, added to the significant architectural changes, will make for highly complex networks, exposing new vulnerabilities and greater risks.

Currently, about 15% of MNOs globally have rolled out 3GPP-compatible 5G networks in 30 different countries, with less than 5% having deployed 5G SA in public networks. ABI Research forecasts that, in 2027, average 5G adoption will reach 56%.

Security investment in 5G networks is still very much incipient. The brunt of security spending is primarily by MNOs, as they focus on securing the various aspects of the networks (e.g., edge, RAN, and core). In time, they will leverage those investments to create new security value propositions for enterprise clients, generating new revenue. They will be joined eventually by third-party providers, network security vendors, hyperscalers, and other vendors in offering security solutions to enterprise clients.

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