Michael Dell gave the keynote address at Dell Technology World 2021. During that speech, he said that “While 10% of data is processed outside of the datacenter today, 75% of data will be processed outside of a traditional datacenter, or cloud, by 2025.” In a follow-up interview, Michael Dell stated that the growth is being accelerated by 5G technologies and by the fact that the cost of making any device intelligent has dropped dramatically.

These observations highlight the complexity of the edge ecosystem and how its expected growth is dependent on many different technology sectors innovating interdependently, from towercos, network operators, infrastructure manufacturers, and systems integrators to the hyperscalers.

Where there is expected growth and where the innovation cycle is still in its early stages, there is an opportunity for new collaborations and for market disruption to take place. The market disruption is not limited to startups: the lines delimiting the roles and responsibilities of the established technology sectors at the edge are not yet fixed; rather, they are blurry at best.

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