With the continuous introduction of new technologies — artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing, autonomous vehicles, digital twins, etc — the industrial and manufacturing industry is in the midst of a sea change. But for the companies in the industry, it can feel more like a river — one that is winding, quickening and getting more difficult to navigate by the minute.

Every new technology coming down that river offers an opportunity to enhance your operation and grow your business. However, without the right understanding of these technologies — and how they fit together — it is impossible to know when to jump in, let alone where to go, what to do, and how to do it.

This eBook will not only keep you afloat, but also help you create a plan to optimize your digital transformation now and in the future based on:

  • The Levels of Digital Maturity
  • The State of Automation in Industry 4.0
  • Best Practices for Launching New Technologies
  • The Golden Rules of Digital Transformation

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How to Optimize Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Companies