Connectivity has always been at the core of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Whether tapping a local ethernet connection for Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) monitoring or deploying gateways and backhauling data over a cellular network, connectivity starts the IoT solution journey.

But enterprises need to think carefully about their choices. It is not just choosing the technology that best suits the needs of the application. It also includes understanding the services for managing that connectivity, as well as other services layered on top, such as device management and security services. Connectivity choice also needs to consider the device life cycle from commissioning and onboarding devices, as well as reverse logistics services with more and more devices having multiple uses and stakeholders.

This whitepaper identifies the top advanced connectivity options that will make up the majority of connections in the IoT moving forward. It assesses the key challenges faced by enterprises seeking advanced connectivity technologies and how service provider choice can maximize these benefits. It concludes with the benefits that advanced connectivity and provider choice brings to the enterprise sector.

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Maximizing The Next Generation of IoT Connectivity