Energy consumption, decarbonization, and eco-friendly solutions have become a growing concern for many industrial sectors. The Information and Communications
Technology (ICT) industry has been taking steps to address these concerns.

While ICT is a means of networking the world and building stronger economies, the well-being of the planet must be just as important a priority as the growth of
more consumer and enterprise data and higher telco speeds.

A key facet of the green economy is addressing the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Earth System Research Laboratory has reported that Carbon Dioxide (CO2) concentrations in the Earth’s atmosphere have increased at 11% per year since 2000. All industry sectors must do their utmost to reduce greenhouse gas generation and reduce energy consumption.

Data traffic is expected to increase to 5.8 million petabytes by 2024. Efficient data transmission enables the reduction in energy consumption, which contributes to
lower carbon emissions. Networks are the foundation of digital services, so telecommunication operators play a key role in mitigating the adverse impacts that
arise from the surge in data consumption.

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Maximizing Green Initiatives in ICT