The automotive industry faces many of the same challenges as other industries such as bridging the gap between IT and OT and providing low-code or no-code tools for content creation, app development, and logic configuration. Technology vendors targeting the automotive manufacturing industry need to understand that while automotive shares many challenges with other industries, it often takes them to extremes. Facilities are massive; automation is extensive; and budgets are big.

But so is the risk. One minute of down-time can cost tens of thousands of dollars. This panel session brings together top industry experts from across the automotive manufacturing value chain to dissect the future of making cars. In doing so, we will uncover the biggest opportunities, threats, and challenges facing digital transformation executives in the largest end market for advanced manufacturing technology adoption: Automotive.

... Ryan Martin
Research Director
... Darren Coil
Director, Automotive Manufacturing & Supply Chain Strategy
... Justin Hester
Senior Director, Digital Transformation
... Shashi Rajagopalan
Director, Manufacturing Engineering Software
... Dharam Sheoran
Global Business & P&L Head, Automotive Vertical
... Trever White
GM, Divisional Information Officer