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ABI Research’s M2M, IoT & IoE market intelligence provides a 360-degree view of the IoT value chain across devices, connectivity, and services. Our extensive research, which includes data, trend, and forecast reports, uncovers emerging trends and predictions for market growth across connections (fixed, satellite, cellular, short-range wireless), connection management, IoT platforms, data and analytics, security, and professional services.

We explore go-to-market strategies and leading business models expected to transform IoT product and service consumptions, as well as internal organizational structures and partner relationships, to help technology implementers best navigate the connected world.

Our M2M, IoT & IoE Research coverage areas include: 

  • IoT Market Tracker
  • IoT gateways
  • IoT ecosystem
  • IoT data services
  • IoT data governance
  • IoT marketplaces
  • IoT cellular module vendors
  • Big data and IoT analytics • Cloud services • Industrial Internet
  • IoT SIs, VARs and partner programs
  • IoT partner programs
  • Sensor network platforms and services
  • M2M
  • Edge analytics
  • IoT application markets
  • IoT business models and best practices


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