The global pandemic engendered a new level of remote work, online collaboration, and workflows. Although the appetite for adopting collaborative tools has been healthy in recent years, enabling technologies struggled to address the necessary pain-points for a wider market adoption. In many ways, the pandemic helped validate these earlier trends and has played a key role in accelerating technology innovation, expanding perceptions and opening the door wider to new opportunities.

In this webinar, we will discuss these accelerated trends, notably the impact of technologies such as content cloudification, 5G and AI on content delivery, and collaborative content in particular. Impacts within the M&E and enterprise markets will be highlighted beyond "zoom calls" to explore the profound changes that are looming on the horizon.

Topics for discussion include:

  • The cloud, enabling a wider range of workflows and employees to work and collaborate remotely, allowing for more flexible workflows and workforce, reducing time to market and costs (e.g. reduction in CAPEX spend), and increasing scalability
  • Bridging the divide between virtual and in-person, making communications feel more natural: ultra-low latency streaming and data sharing, flexible in-office meeting spaces and hardware (e.g. huddle over conference rooms), and 5G for onsite and flexible/remote work collaborations and communication
  • Next generation of communication and collaboration, bringing parity to virtual and in-person communications: immersive, virtual settings/world/offices, digital assets and personas, blockchain cryptocurrencies.



Michael Inouye
Principal Analyst