The Internet of Things (IoT) landscape is in a state of flux, as enterprises have been forced to reassess their operations due to trade wars and the COVID-19 pandemic.

ABI Research’s suite of IoT Research Services provides insights into the entire IoT ecosystem, meeting the evolving needs of suppliers, enterprises, partners, and industries.

Our three IoT Research Services are: 

  • IoT Hardware and Devices: ABI Research’s IoT hardware and devices research provides analysis of the devices and critical components that collect and deliver data to IoT applications, IoT hardware, and IoT devices. Our research also provides holistic insight into supplier capabilities and go-to-market strategies, and our team provides in-depth analysis of the disruptive technologies lowering device costs and enabling new device and services capabilities.

  • IoT Networks and Services: ABI Research’s networks and services research focuses on the value chain and supplier environments that enable IoT solutions. We help enterprises and IoT suppliers identify optimal partners and help IoT suppliers better understand their competitors. The service also provides competitive and market share analysis of important suppliers enabling different elements of the IoT value chain, including telcos, cloud suppliers and hyperscalers, electronic distributors, IoT platform suppliers, System Integrators (SIs), and Value-Added Resellers (VARs)..

  •  IoT Markets: IoT suppliers are revamping their go-to-market strategies to better serve specific verticals. ABI Research’s IoT markets research provides clarity and in-depth insight into four critical IoT markets, providing insight into which technologies, solution offerings, and channel strategies offer the best opportunity to succeed in each market.

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