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ABI Research is the leading source of strategic technology and industry market intelligence for next-generation Intelligent Transportation. Our extensive research examines trends like Freight-as-a-Service, the multi-modal EV industry, truck platooning, ADAS, prognostics, digital marketplaces, last mile deliveries, and Over-the-Air solutions. We deliver nascent, transformational insights to technology influencers to impact their competitiveness, efficiency, revenue streams and customer’s satisfaction in the rapidly evolving industry from local to long-haul freight to off-road vehicle markets.

Our Intelligent Transportation & eFreight Research coverage areas include: 

  • Prognostics and OTA
  • OS’s for software defined cockpit (TCU) and software defined vehicle (ECU)
  • Regulations
  • Industry disruptors
  • Commercial vehicle telematics
  • Cybersecurity in connected vehicles
  • Freight-as-a-Service
  • Fleet management market
  • Mobile resource management applications
  • Integrated commercial-grade navigation systems
  • Artificial intelligence, deep learning, and collective intelligence in transportation
  • ADAS and autonomous driving technology in trucks and commercial vehicles
  • Drone and robot usage for parcel delivery
  • Dynamic tolling
  • And more!


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