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ABI Research’s Intelligent Supply Chain service assesses the real-world impact and ROI of the most transformational technologies driving change in the sector.

The service explores how AI is enabling ever-more reliable demand forecasts and shortening production cycles; Blockchain is improving end-to-end trust and visibility; robotics and process automation are streamlining time-consuming operations; augmented reality and wearable devices are empowering the human workforce; and the Internet of Things is digitizing end-to-end processes and providing unparalleled operational intelligence. 

Our Intelligent Supply Chain Research coverage areas include: 

  • Closing the supply chain loop to drive end-to-end transformation
  • Warehouse robotics and automation systems
  • End-to-end asset tracking and monitoring
  • IoT and the connected warehouse
  • Leveraging demand forecasts to deliver upstream efficiency
  • Augmented reality in warehousing and logistics
  • Back-office efficiency and business process automation
  • Transforming last-mile delivery
  • And more!


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