Connectivity Semiconductors Industry Research

ABI Research provides chipset makers, technology partners, and end users with a holistic view of the connectivity IC market, providing insight, analysis, and data across various market verticals.

Our research focuses on both technology suppliers and implementers across different industries, helping them understand the market dynamics, assess the competitive landscape, identify the most disruptive and innovative technologies, and quantify market opportunities and ROI for the different connectivity solutions and combinations out there.

We help answer a number of pressing questions, including:

  • How will IC vendor business models evolve beyond one-time hardware sales to ensure continued revenue streams as prices fall?
  • How can these technologies better scale and overcome implementation hurdles hindering widespread adoption?
  • How are different aspects of the connectivity supply chain, such as MCUs, RF sensors, energy harvesting, and power converging or integrating to increase performance, differentiation, and scalability?
  • What role will emerging innovations such as light communications or 5G positioning, energy harvesting, and wireless power over distance play in the coming years?
  • How will these solutions align to support both communication and positioning services to enable new use-cases such as seamless indoor-outdoor positioning and asset tracking, logistics tracking and monitoring, Simultaneous Communication Location and Mapping (SC-LAM), and Geo-Information Services (GIS)?

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