Automotive Industry Research

ABI Research provides deep insight into technology-enabled business transformation, helping OEMs, technology partners, and other automotive industry players to create winning technology strategies.

Our research and expertise includes: 

  • Granular, long-term forecasts on driverless vehicles, smart mobility, electrification, and connected car enabling reliable, accurate long-term planning
  • Financial analysis of new smart mobility business models (cost per mile)
  • Deep, global, ecosystem coverage, including company profiles and market share analysis of Car OEMs, Tier 1/2 suppliers, smart mobility players, and technology vendors
  • Automotive market adjacencies coverage, such as Vehicle-to-Grid and Vehicle-to-Home, allowing OEMs to understand cross-industry opportunities
  • Insight into how transformational technologies complement and reinforce each other, giving you the bigger picture on the future of shared, electric, driverless, smart mobility, and other technologies
  • Coverage of ongoing technology battles such as DSRC vs C-V2X, smartphone integration standards, autonomous software approaches, and others

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