As Augmented Reality proves value across industries, the enabling technologies and potential pitfalls around AR implementations becomes increasingly important to understand. The market is moving from targeted, vertical approaches to more flexible and horizontal opportunities, while the new working environment of today demands efficient collaboration between workers, often split between office/worksite and remote locations. New business models, with greater portfolio granularity and more as a Service (aaS) AR offerings, are reaching the market to address this shift in workforce demands and market focus. Immersive visualization opportunities, leveraging enabling technologies such as 5G, AI, and digital twin/thread, can fill business continuity gaps and maximize workforce potential.

This webinar will examine the opportunities and challenges AR presents across markets, as well as what’s required to ensure success. Considerations across hardware and software, necessary preparations, high value partnership opportunities, and likely results will be presented. This will be grounded with quantitative analysis on addressable market size, growth opportunities, and ROI evaluations for varying markets and enterprise types.



Eric Abbruzzese
Research Director