In this whitepaper, acquire ABI Research’s most recent smartphone market data and forecasts to help your organization gauge market health and brand positioning. More specifically, the whitepaper provides you with the following essential information:

  • Top-five vendors based on their global smartphone market share in Q4 2022
  • Smartphone market share leaders in each region (North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa)
  • Brief insight into the most influential factors affecting smartphone demand
  • Evaluation of 5G’s standout performance in the smartphone market

By downloading this resource, you’ll come away with the following benefits:

  • Identify regions with promising market opportunities
  • Understand the overall trajectory of smartphone sales worldwide
  • Detect potential market gaps that your organization can fill
  • Get a feel for which vendors are dominating the smartphone market lately
  • Learn the driving forces behind 5G’s success in an otherwise disrupted smartphone market during the COVID-19 pandemic

Frequently Asked Questions this whitepaper will answer:

  • How many smartphones shipped in 2022?
  • How fast are annual smartphone shipments growing?
  • Which vendor had the largest smartphone market shares in Q4 2022?
  • What’s the status of 5G smartphones? 
Download the whitepaper to learn more.
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