Analytical software grabs a great deal of attention as the software evolves from describing problems on the factory floor to making recommendations to rectify the situation in real time. However, before analytics can take place, there is a realization among both suppliers and manufacturers that the underlying data often need cleaning as part of the ingestion process, managed, in other words, to ensure accuracy.

This webinar will examine the symbiotic relationship between IoT and data analytics. Manufacturers and Industrial firms appreciate that their production lines are a treasure trove of data but many have experienced disappointments when trying to extract and utilize data relating to their operations. We will explore how manufacturers can construct a value chain that considers several ways to collect and analyze data. Nowadays, the data can be analyzed in real time rather than creating a data lake to store for future use. The webinar will also cover technologies to help manufacturers ensure data accuracy and the evolution in the supplier community; solutions no only longer just report what is happening, but why, and suggested steps for actions. Finally, we will recommend how suppliers and manufacturers can work together to successfully turn ideas into projects.



Michael Larner
Principal Analyst