This webinar examines how cellular innovation has been always linked to enhancing the user experience and introducing new types of applications that would not have been possible with previous technologies. Also of note is the role 5G will play in enabling new experiences, creating new opportunities, and how its deployment will improve the global economic growth. Finally, Vice President of Strategic Technologies Malik Saadi discusses the impact of COVID-19 on the overall 5G roadmap and what governments and regulators should do in order to help the mobile industry avoid any derailment of this roadmap.

Key questions addressed:

  • Why is 5G not just another G in the cellular equation?
  • What impact 5G may have on the overall economic growth?
  • How is COVID-19 affecting the purchasing power of mobile users and their digital lifestyle and what impact might this have on 5G deployment?
  • Will Covid-19 slow down or accelerate the deployment of 5G in the enterprise market?
  • What are the key actions governments and regulators should take to accelerate the deployment of 5G after the Covid-19 crisis?
Saadi_2017Malik Saadi
Vice President, Strategic Technologies