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Cloud gaming promises a layer of flexibility not previously possible in the video streaming market. Low end to-end latency enables data centers to take the place of processing needed by a user’s Personal Computer (PC), console, or mobile device.

New spectrum availability and wired broadband opportunity, mature existing infrastructure from the video market, and increasingly powerful and efficient cloud-native technologies all contribute to this progression. Processing in the cloud allows for any device to have the processing power of a high-end PC
without the local hardware cost.

Cloud gaming represents a first step in cloud infrastructure usage, with distributed and load-balanced compute in the future allowing more scalable power depending on user count and specific demands. There is even a sustainability component when considering local user hardware versus shared data center compute in terms of power draw and waste. This scalability is especially important in cloud gaming—by design, a unicast experience—as it will stress infrastructure and present a different content handling paradigm from traditional video streaming.

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