The Critical Importance, Key Benefits, And Market Opportunities Of Cloud-Based Artificial Intelligence

The demand for cloud-based services has never been greater. While nearly half of the world’s population is in partial or full lockdown, people are continuing their daily activities online. This has increased Internet traffic, with many communication service providers reporting a 30% to 40% spike in average traffic, but it has also led to a shift from many offline activities and transactions to online platforms.

As business continuity has become a vital challenge during COVID-19, fully scalable and flexible, yet secure cloud resources have become more important than ever. Despite some already having remote working arrangements and cloud processing capabilities in place, many organizations have yet to fully leverage the capabilities of cloud-based Artificial Intelligence (AI).

As the dust settles and the post-COVID-19 landscape takes shape, cloud AI adoption is set to accelerate key industries and domains across the globe. 

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