Intel Flexes Its Muscles At Vision 2024, Squaring Up Against NVIDIA and QUALCOMM

Intel Vision 2024 and the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC 2024) were held just weeks apart, pitting the two events—and the two competitors' visions—directly against one another. 

Intel and NVIDIA are anchoring their strategies on vastly different philosophical approaches. While NVIDIA sees itself as a technology innovator, offering the industry a path to accelerate innovation and progress faster toward the future, Intel’s approach is more pragmatic. Intel invites industry players to collaborate with it to build customized solutions tailored to their specific needs.

This whitepaper recaps key takeaways from Intel Vision 2024 and details how Intel's approach stacks up to NVIDIA, as well as other competitors such as Qualcomm. We cover:

  • A comparative analysis of the two conferences
  • Client side news and updates
  • Data center innovation
  • Software solutions and Tiber brand
  • The role or RAG and unexplored enterprise data
  • Why SMEs and private cloud will be Intel's key targets for edge AI
  • And more!
Intel Vision 2024 Cover 3D Large