Automated Border Control (ABC) systems, or eGates, are a self-service means of permitting traveling citizens to move through a border crossing as part of a Border Control Management (BCM) system. The technology relies on the biometric data stored in the chip of the citizen’s ePassport, alongside biometrics captured upon entering the eGate to verify the passport holder's identity. ABC systems free up border staffing resources and improve customer experience through streamlined verification.

ABC systems can also come in the form of self-service kiosks, finding significant momentum in Europe due to upcoming changes to the European Entry/Exit System (EES). Using the same technologies as eGates, biometric kiosks are primarily used for traveler registration to capture citizen data and perform biometric matching of an authenticated document against live citizen measurements.

There are strong market drivers for eGates, primarily in Europe, that center around growing international travel and heightened regulations. Learn more about ABC systems in this brief report that also forecasts future shipments and revenue, the companies immersed in the market's competitive landscape, and recommendations for ABC system vendors. 

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