The emergence of 5G will lead to a radical transformation of the mobile value chain and many other industries will rely on this technology as part of their digital transformation. Leading countries worldwide are now considering 5G networks as an essential national asset for their digital transformation and a fundamental booster of their economic growth. This environment has created frictions between certain nations and debates on who is really driving 5G innovation and how Intellectual Property (IP) related to this innovation is distributed across key geographies and across the entire value chain.

This webinar will help clarify several controversial issues around 5G IP, including:

  • What is the relationship between 3GPP standards’ influence and IP creation?
  • Are all 3GPP 5G specifications normative for 5G standards?
  • What are the key regions behind 5G innovation and related IP?
  • How is the distribution of 5G IP measured across the value chain now and in the future?
  • Who are the key players leading 5G innovation and IP?
Saadi_2017Malik Saadi
Vice President, Strategic Technologies