ABI Research is a global technology intelligence firm delivering actionable research and strategic guidance to technology leaders, innovators, and decision makers around the world. Our research focuses on the transformative technologies that are dramatically reshaping industries, economies, and workforces today. ABI Research’s global team of analysts publish groundbreaking studies often years ahead of other technology advisory firms, empowering our clients to stay ahead of their markets and their competitors.

Our Intelligence Makes A Real Business Impact

We not only provide an unparalleled, holistic view of the technology landscape; we help our clients generate real business results, including:

  • Enhancing Business Plans
  • Growing Revenues & Educating Board Members
  • Identifying New Business Opportunities
  • Enhancing Service Offerings & Driving New Sales
  • Accelerating Market Sizing & Growth Modeling
  • Gaining Market Insights
  • Strengthening Product Portfolios & Go-To-Market Strategies
  • Identifying Growth Areas & Understanding The Competitive Landscape

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