The metaverse, a term coined in the 1990s, has finally burst onto the scene in an extraordinary fashion. It has been billed as the future of the Internet—a catalyst and foundation that will usher in the next transformative changes that will shape how we work, communicate, seek information, and consume content and services. 

While some may view the metaverse negatively, believing it is overhyped and nothing more than a temporary fad, these perspectives tend to come from a position that too narrowly defines the metaverse (e.g., primarily virtual world-driven), relies on inputs that too heavily weigh current market activity (e.g., crypto market issues), or only considers the longer-term future without regard to the necessary layering and buildup to the metaverse. 

This whitepaper examines the market conditions building toward what is still an unclear future and highlights market opportunities brought by the transition toward the metaverse. It identifies the potential hurdles that could delay progress or alter the metaverse’s direction and provides guidance on how the industry should align to address these hurdles. The odds are in favor of a bright future ahead for the metaverse due to the existing foundation in both the consumer and enterprise markets.

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