5G positioning is emerging as a disruptive technology that could potentially solve a number of industry pain points and target many use-cases that require accurate, reliable, precise positioning performance across both indoor and outdoor environments. However, several technology challenges and strategic hurdles need to be addressed before the technology can compete with existing solutions and make its way to large-scale deployments.

The aim of this webinar is to generate an industry-wide discussion around:

  • Potential business opportunities of 5G in the Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) market
  • What key verticals and use-cases represent the low-hanging fruit and what are the most challenging ones?
  • How the industry should align to address major challenges facing 5G positioning

The discussion will be guided by an industry survey aiming at understanding the technology and business requirements of RTLS across key verticals, how 5G positioning could meet these requirements, and what benefits the technology will offer to the operators of these verticals.


Malik Saadi Malik Saadi
VP, Strategic Technologies
... Andrew Zignani
Research Director
Joe Barrett Joe Barrett
GSA (1)
Dr. Arndt Kadelka Dr. Arndt Kadelka
Technology Innovation Expert, Strategic Initiatives
8 Sylvia Lu Sylvia Lu
Board Member and Chair Of WG4
Daisy Zhu

Daisy Zhu
VP Of Wireless Marketing