Emerging markets have been systematically late in adopting the latest generation of mobile networks in the past. However, 5G could be an exception. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in emerging markets can see the business case for deploying 5G, including lowering the cost per gigabit of data, coping with explosive mobile data traffic, and using the technology as ab alternative solution for bringing the Internet to still unconnected area and reducing the digital divide.

However, the consumer market should not be the only business case for deploying 5G in emerging markets. In these countries, 5G should be considered a national asset for modernizing key industries in these regions, spurring economic growth, and helping improve global competitiveness and economic trading. Countries that do not ride the 5G wave may not take advantage of the impact 5G will have on their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and economic growth, which could translate into hundreds of billions of dollars in loss of business opportunities in the longer term.

Key points this webinar will explore include:

  • Why can Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in emerging markets not afford to delay 5G rollouts?
  • What are the opportunities of 5G in emerging markets beyond the consumer market?
  • What are the key actions governments and regulators in these regions should take to accelerate the deployment of 5G?
  • What impact will the current geopolitical issues and COVID-19 have on 5G deployments in emerging markets?
Lian-Jye-Su-120-180Lian Jye Su
Principal Analyst

castanedaMiguel Castaneda
Industry Analyst