This chat explores the 5G devices market and the lasting mark COVID-19 will leave on consumer demand, the supply chain, labor, and logistics. The outbreak is causing massive delays in shipments and weakening development of next-generation products, which is expected to lead to a huge reduction in the production of mobile devices in 2020. The impact of the virus has been keenly felt by many along the value chain, with leading device vendors being forced to adjust their roadmaps for new models and downgraded shipment projections for 2020. The speed of recovery is likely to be fairly gradual once markets emerge from the pandemic, although not all lost sales are expected to be recouped.

It is not yet clear what the full extent or lasting effect COVID-19 will have on the mobile device ecosystem, but in the short- to medium-term it will heavily impact supply and demand, while fundamental changes in consumer buying behavior may lead to longer replacement cycles. This discussion will reveal how subsequent market demand, distribution channels, and supply chains are to shape the future of the 5G device market. It will also determine how the scheduled introduction of more affordable 5G devices, which are to promote and democratize the 5G experience, will come to fruition in global markets that have been severely affected by lockdown, wavering consumer confidence, and economic downturn.

The major issues covered in the chat that will guide and drive the future 5G devices ecosystem, include:

  • The 5G device market landscape before, during, and post-COVID-19, expected recovery periods, and the re-emergence of global 5G markets
  • Appraisal of the main drivers for 5G device demand and the move to lower price tiers, accelerating 5G affordability and adoption
  • Assessment of 5G devices’ supply chain partnerships and speed of recovery back to “normal” levels of capacity
  • Evaluation of vendors’ manufacturing and component supply strategies to mitigate future supply chain risks and market disruptions
  • Review of the geographical distribution and manufacturing of 5G devices and how they have been affected by the current crisis
  • Identification of any potential “winners and losers” as the market moves beyond the pandemic

McQueen_2017David McQueen
Research Director



Adam GouldAdam Gould
SVP  Product Management



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SVP Strategy & Technology Innovation



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