This webinar will explore the mobile private networks opportunity and how enterprises can deploy cellular to improve operations, reduce downtime, and enhance their digitization efforts. This is already happening with Private Long Term Evolution (LTE), and Wireless Local-Area Network (WLAN) technologies, currently across many verticals, but 5G will introduce several new features, including positioning, deterministic networking, and low-latency capabilities. Most importantly, 5G will create standards-based equipment that will unlock innovation, economies of scale, and allow enterprise end clients to break free from proprietary technology suppliers. The webinar will also explore different spectrum strategies worldwide, in the context of private cellular, and whether there is a need for global momentum in this area.

In this webinar, attendees will:

  • Identify what the mobile private network opportunity is
  • Learn what key verticals are likely to benefit the most and deploy mobile private networks
  • Understand what 5G will introduce to the mobile private network space
  • Assess the competitive landscape within the technology supply chain
Mavrakis_2017Dimitris Mavrakis
Research Director