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5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the breakthrough technologies of this decade. The two technologies, each in its own way, are bringing thousands of the most influential and innovative companies together to build one of the strongest ecosystems likely to transform the way we live and work. The combination of these technologies will serve as a catalyst to many other emerging technologies and will pave the way for a variety of new business opportunities in the consumer and enterprise segments, otherwise not possible with existing technologies.

For this report, ABI Research interviewed leading MSPs, technology suppliers, and technology implementers about the role 5G and AI will play in accelerating the economic growth of key industry sectors. Most companies interviewed agreed that enabling distributed intelligence is the most important asset that the combination of AI and 5G offers, with the goals of bringing computing capabilities, AI in particular, close to the end customer, improving the end-to-end service latency, and minimizing risks related to data privacy and cybersecurity attacks.

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5G And AI: The Foundations For The Next Societal And Business Leap