We are in a very delicate time as a community of technology implementers and innovators. Global market pressures show signs of alleviating, yet persistent threats remain that may hinder progress in the form of geopolitical conflict. What is important at this point, is that companies and organizations focus on key decisions that impact the near term.

They must take advantage of fast developing market shifts; they must choose the right technologies and partners for specific solutions; they must focus on quick wins; they must ensure that healthy and quick Return on Investment (ROI) requirements are met; and most importantly, they must embrace technology as the key to growing aggressively on the way out of this recessionary period or to insulate from any potential additional shocks that may arise from the current fluid geopolitical situation.

This paper provides a selection of forecasts from ABI Research that can help companies and organizations make contextual decisions with the benefit of rigorously produced hard data. Our unique, deep, comprehensive, relevant, and timely forecasts provide our clients with the tools to make better decisions when it matters most. We look forward to supporting our clients in 2024 as they outperform their competition.

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