As we are faced with global instability caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. presidential election, Brexit, and global trade wars, numbers and big stats are often trumpeted, fixated upon, and largely used as a barometer to judge which way the world is turning. Another key trend that has become evident recently is that companies and industry sectors have been forced into new ways of working and digital transformation has been accelerated.

Our analysts at ABI Research have combined these two notions to help highlight those lesser known stats that illuminate the direction in which digital transformation is heading.

We have selected, from among the many millions of data points ABI Research creates each year, to focus on some enlightening data points. Aspects like Tiny Machine Learning (TinyML), private cellular networks, Open Radio Access Network (RAN), blockchain, smart manufacturing platforms, and even connected cows point to how technology advancements are allowing our physical world to be better connected, managed, and efficient.

We are at the very beginnings of a massive technological evolution and the forecasts we present are but a series of tea leaves at the bottom of the fortune teller’s cup. They are easy to dismiss, but are very important directional indicators of the technology-enabled world of the future.

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