Free Webinar:

URLLC and Value Creation Across the Ecosystem

Low-latency capabilities have been present in previous standards, but Release 16 is the first iteration in which scheduling efficiency and network capacity are fully specified. Release 16 will focus on the ecosystem, end-to-end network orchestration and may also enhance the focus on more key network parameters, rather than capacity and top speeds only.

This webinar, featuring experts from Intel and ABI Research, will focus on how advances in URLLC, edge computing, network automation and orchestration will evolve the existing wireless ecosystem. Panelists will explore key questions, such as: How can URLLC create value? How can mobile service providers take advantage of these technical advances? How do verticals such as industrial manufacturing benefit from the coming network transformation?


Featured Speakers:

Dimitris Mavrakis
Research Director
ABI Research

Apostolos (Tolis) Papathanassiou 
Senior Principal Engineer
Intel Corporation

Andrew Allerman 
Chief Architect, Advanced Network Solutions
Intel Corporation