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ABI Research's 5G Core & Edge Networks service includes data, trend, and forecast reports, provides industry-leading research and advisory on the transformation of the mobile service provider into a digital company. Topics include telco SDN, NFV, MEC, ML/AI and a sharp focus on business and operational transformation issues in addition to technical coverage. The activities and implications of external developer ecosystems and open source projects are also covered, as well as their effect on the telecom infrastructure value chain. 

Our 5G Core & Edge Networks coverage areas include:

  • UnTelco approach and digital strategies
  • Digital opportunities with 5G
  • Operator 5G service strategies
  • UnTelco vertical opportunities and activities
  • Technologies supporting vertical plays
  • Infrastructure vendors UnTelco approach
  • Utility, mobility, smart cities, smart home, payment vertical markets for telcos
  • End market opportunities for MSPs
  • Telco AI strategies
  • AI use cases in telecom networks
  • Virtualization and automation
  • Telco cloud platforms, opportunities, and challenges
  • Telco SDN, SD-WAN and white boxes
  • Hot tech innovators in telco cloud
  • Value chain analysis and vendor matrix for NFV
  • Service enablement platforms
  • NFV deployment and implications
  • Regional trends for telco cloud deployments
  • Advanced telco cloud features: network slicing and service chaining • MEC value chain analysis
  • Network slicing and 5G networks
  • Open source and ecosystems in telco cloud
  • And more!


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